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Where is Peony and Pine Photography Landscapes located?

Our farm is located at 10135 TWP Road 264 in Rockyview County.  We are located across the road from Hillcrest in Airdrie and 5 minutes from Crossiron Mills mall next to Play Unleashed.  The entrance to Peony and Pine Landscape Photography is the farm entrance (the second entrance to the property when driving east and the first entrance when driving west on Township Road 264).  


What is the rate for booking space?

The rate for each individual outdoor set is $27.50 per half hour per each location.  For the indoor sets, there is a minimum booking of one hour with a $55 per hour rate.  The rental of the indoor studios include use of all indoor sets.  Photographers are responsible for paying this rental cost and it is automatically charged and collected upon making the online booking.  It is the responsibility of the photographers to determine how they charge the set rental to their clients.  

What happens if photographers need to cancel the session?

Photographers are able to cancel or reschedule bookings online up to 15 minutes prior to their booked time. Cancellations will be returned as a credit to the booking photographer’s account to be used towards a future booking. Bookings cancelled within 15 minutes of their booked time are not eligible for a credit. Session fees are non-refundable.


I’m a client looking to have my photos taken.  How do I book a session?

You must book a session through a Peony and Pine Verified Partner.  If you have a photographer that you would like to work with, they must apply to become a Verified Partner - information on becoming a Verified Partner can be found here.  If you do not have a photographer, please see our list of approved photographers that you can contact to make a booking.  Please note all photographers must have proof of current and valid business insurance in order to book.  

I'm a client of a photographer - what do I need to know before arriving at Peony and Pine Photography Landscapes?

Your photographer should provide you with a copy of our rules and regulations prior to accessing the property. You can also view a copy here to see what we require from our guests when visiting.

I’m a professional photographer – how do I book a session?

All photographers must be approved through our Verified Partner program.  Once approved, you will be placed on our website as an approved photographer and clients will be able to contact you for bookings.  Clients do not have access to book sessions.  

As a Verified Partner, you will automatically receive the waivers and contracts through our online Verified Partner approval process. Proof of current and valid liability insurance is a required document - exceptions will not be made for photographers who have not submitted the required documentation.  Failure to provide the required documentation will result in the cancellation of your booking.  

As an approved photographer, do my clients need to sign a waiver and/or contract?

As the photographer, you are responsible for your clients, they are not required to sign our waiver or contract as all legal liability is upon the photographer.  We recommend photographers provide your clients with a copy of our Client Onboarding Information so they are aware of our rule and regulations for guests on our property.

Does Peony and Pine provide any staging?

Indoor studio space is pre-staged.  Photographers are welcome to bring their own props, however all rooms and sets must be left in the condition they were found.  Peony and Pine will not provide any additional items for outdoor sets or move farm equipment or items to accommodate photo sessions. If you have a special request, you can submit it via for review.

What Covid-19 protocols are in place?

Photographers are responsible for providing hand sanitizer and enforcing appropriate social distancing rules as per current AHS regulations.  Photographers must ensure they and their clients have completed the COVID 19 AHS Checklist (available online via the AHS website) immediately prior to attending their photo shoot.  No one exhibiting symptoms of COVID 19 is permitted on property.


Is alcohol, smoking, drugs, vaping, cannabis allowed on property?

No.  Anyone being found with these items or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, smoking or vaping will be escorted off the property and the photographer responsible for the individuals will have their contract terminated immediately.  There are no exceptions to this.


Is food allowed on the property?

Typically, food is not allowed, however if you would like to host a cake smash photo or something similar, you must receive preapproval by contacting  Should food be approved, a covering must be placed under the food item and must be removed after the photo shoot.  No garbage, debris or refuse is to be left on the property.  The property must be left in the condition it was found.  


Where do photographers and clients park?

Parking is located at the farm entrance of The Place 4 Paws/Play Unleashed property (the second entrance to the property when driving east).  Please park in the designated area so we can maximize the limited parking space we have available.  Please note we have septic fields and electric fences around the property.  Any damage incurred will be the responsibility of the photographer to cover all costs of repairs.  


Are there any types of photography that is not permitted on the property?

Nudity and pornographic photography of any kind are not permitted.  


Can we use all areas of the property?

Our property is divided into several set locations.  Please see examples of the sets we have available on our website.  You are only permitted to use the area that you have booked and photographers must include booking set up and take down time.  The photographer is responsible for their party and must not permit them to wander any area other than the area that has been booked.  Clients are permitted to arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to their photo shoot and must depart no later than 10 minutes after their photo shoot.  

Can I use the livestock at Peony and Pine in my photoshoots?

No.  Our livestock is not permitted to be used as props or accessories in any photoshoots. We recognize that some photographers may want to take photos of our livestock in their natural habitat and this is permitted as long as it is from a safe distance and does not interfere with the health and safety of our livestock.

Can I bring animals to the farm?

Pets are not permitted in our indoor studio, however pets are allowed on the property for the use of photos in our outdoor sets. Only pets to be photographed are permitted and they must be leashed and under control at all times.  Pets are not permitted near or around our livestock.  No animal with a history of aggression is permitted on site.  Please bring your own pet waste bags with you and any pet waste must be immediately removed and taken offsite with you.  Should you want to have a safe, secure area for your dog to run loose during photos, we recommend booking “The Enchanted Forest”, “Ken’s Meadow”, “Adventureland” or “The Field of Dreams”.  These are private off-leash dog parks on our property where dogs can run without being leashed.  As our offleash parks are private, when you book these areas, you are the only person with dogs in the 50,000 square foot space.  Please consult your photographer for more information on these locations or see for further information.  


Are garbage receptacles provided on the property?

We do not have garbage bins on the property as you are expected to take all of your garbage, refuse, debris and waste with you when you leave the farm.  


Can I walk around and view the other photography spaces while I am on the farm?

If you are a client, we do not offer on-site tours, however you are welcome to view our beautiful landscapes on our website.   If you are a photographer, please contact info@peonyandpine to book a tour.  


What is the terrain of the property and what should I wear?

As we are located on a farm, the property has uneven landscapes and terrain.  Please ensure that you are wearing appropriate footwear to walk to your set location and that you are dressed for the weather. 



Your photographer is an approved photographer with liability insurance and is solely responsible for you and your safety during your time on our property.  Peony and Pine Landscape Photography, The Place 4 Paws, Play Unleashed, Carrot and Coyote, Homestead Market and its affiliates assumes no responsibility for you and your party while onsite.  


Can I “hold” space?

Unfortunately, holds are not permitted.  All bookings are done online and must be paid at the time of booking.

Are gender reveal photos allowed?

Gender reveals are permitted, however items such as smoke cannons/bombs, paint, confetti or similar items that are difficult to clean or items that can cause a fire danger are not permitted.


Is there a washroom on site?

Yes, for your comfort and convenience there is a porta potty located in front of the kennel building.  Defecation and/or urination outside of the designated facilities result in your immediate removal from the property and your photographer’s contract terminated immediately.


Code of conduct while on our property.

Security cameras are in all areas of our property and we monitor the activities.  Photographers and clients follow the conduct rules as follows.  Failure to do so will result in the photographer and clients being escorted off the property immediately and the photographer’s contract to be terminated.  


Can my friends and/or family who are not being photographed come to the photo shoot?

No. Only those who are in the photos are permitted on site.


Can I spend time before or after the photo shoot on the farm?

No.  You are permitted to arrive no more than 10 minutes early for your session and depart within 10 minutes of your photo shoot.  No wandering or roaming our property is permitted.  


There will be no tolerance for the following behaviors and the photographer and client group will be evicted and the photographer’s contract will be terminated immediately.  Please note that our property has security cameras throughout the property and appropriate action/charges will be taken in the event of breaches:

  • Individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Drugs, alcohol, cannabis, vaping, smoking

  • Fires, matches, fireworks, sparklers, candles, camp fires or similar type of items

  • Smoke cannons/bombs, paint, confetti or similar items that are difficult to clean or items that can cause a fire danger

  • Climbing of trees, picking rocks, flowers, removal of any items from the property

  • Breaking branches, uprooting plants, trees, etc.

  • Climbing on vehicles, equipment, structures

  • No entrance to the house, garage, cabin, out buildings

  • Foul language, fighting, disturbances, inappropriate behaviours

  • Harassing, scaring, teasing livestock – photographers and clients are not permitted to be around the animals.

  • Urinating and/or defecating on the property

  • Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult

  • All pet waste must be cleaned up immediately

  • Any damages will be subject to fines and/or charges

  • No wandering the property

  • No entering the kitchen/basement/back entrance of the house


Will there be more than one photographer onsite at one time?

Yes, since we have several bookable sets, there may be multiple photographers and clients onsite at once.  We ask that you be respectful of each other and ensure you give other parties the same consideration and thoughtfulness you would expect yourselves.  

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