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What is Peony and Pine Photography Landscapes?

After searching endlessly for beautiful locations to capture our family’s memories, our family was tired of driving hours away for a short photo session to preserve our memories. From these experiences, Peony and Pine Photography Landscapes was born. A family farm to 5 generations, we have stunning, tastefully designed and decorated indoor studios and breathtaking, naturalized landscapes for your next photo session. We welcome approved photographers or videographers and their clients to visit and capture every day memories, special occasions and events, preserving those incredible moments for years to come.


We have several indoor and outdoor studios, landscapes, including both natural and staged sets. From multiple forested areas, antique trucks, rustic cabins and open fields, photographers will be sure to find the perfect location for their clients.  Our indoor sets include 9 unique and stunning staged and unstaged sets.  All of this just minutes from Airdrie and Calgary, making beautiful family photos a quick and easy experience for even the youngest family members!

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