We have an announcement!

It has been so hard to sit on this secret…maybe even harder then the first time around!

We’re having a baby! Baby #2 is due in early November and we are so excited for this addition to our little family.

I’m just about 15 weeks and things have improved significantly recently. I spent the first 10 weeks suffering from all-day morning sickness. With Bug I hardly had any so it is totally different and a little hard to deal with. Because of my nausea I had some serious food aversions, basically nothing was appealing and a lot of things are down right revolting. I couldn’t stand the thought of coffee or sweet things other than ice cream (which is totally bizarre for me). Thankfully that’s mostly done! I’ve been so tired which isn’t unusual and I’m fortunate that I can snuggle my little boy at nap time and get a little rest in.

I was really inactive in the beginning because I felt so terrible, but I did the April Hike It Baby challenge which helped SO much. I made myself get out and walk almost every morning and I feel like when I didn’t walk I felt more sick the rest of the day. We walked 49 miles and I’m so happy to be moving again…through my whole pregnancy with Bug I stayed active (I didn’t have much choice, my job was to lead hikes everyday) and I hiked up until the end. The day I went into labor I walked over four miles and got stung in the armpit by a bee (but that’s another story). I’m convinced that staying active helped me have an easier pregnancy and delivery so I want to do the same this time around.

It feels crazy that I’m almost halfway through already. We find out the sex in about 5 weeks and we’re all excited to see what this little one will be. Bug keeps saying he’s having a little sister, but I think that’s because we’ve watched the Daniel Tiger where he becomes a big brother a few times. Who knows, maybe he knows something we don’t…

Speaking of Bug, he’s only 2.5 and he doesn’t really get it, but we talk about our baby a lot and read stories. We talk about being a big brother and how life might change. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I hope to make this transition as easy as possible on him (hahaha, I’m sure I’m being totally naive on this one!). He really likes to say he’s a big brother though and seems excited. He also keeps asking when the baby gets to come out – it’s hard to explain to a toddler who doesn’t really understand time!


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