The power of outside

Why do I forget the power that simply walking outside holds?

This morning was hard. We were all restless last night and woke up early and sort of cranky. We’re all a little under the weather. When he woke up Bug wanted to nurse, but it hurt too much so I said no and had to deal with the following (understandable) melt down. He asked to watch a show almost immediately and we said no. By 7:30 I wanted the day to be over, but we’d barely been up an hour.

I wanted to crawl back in bed, turn on Daniel Tiger, and go back to sleep, but I knew if I didn’t do something better our day would only get worse. Since the weather is gorgeous right now and today is the start of the April Hike It Baby challenge I decided we’d go outside, but I honestly didn’t have high hopes.

The morning was beautiful – warm, sunny, and full of birds. From the second we started down our street I knew I’d made the right decision. We walked, chatted, looked at birds and squirrels, and talked about the waning moon. As he usually does when we’re outside, he noticed the moon and we talked about how it was smaller than it was the other day. Bug was happy in his stroller with breakfast and I was able to walk a mile before he asked to get out.

He asked to go to the little pond near our house to see if the ducks were back. Last summer, we had many pre-bedtime walks to the cemetery to feed them and he was sad when they left for the winter. We were excited to see the ducks were back – there were four today and he was thrilled.  We spent quite a while watching them and talking about migration.


We were only out about 40 minutes, but the simple act of walking outside completely turned our day around. It was so beautiful out we ended up getting smoothies and going to Bush Park (one of my favorites) where we walked another mile, played at the play ground, and watched a crane doing some construction on the art center. When we got home we made lunch and ate outside.


He had a nice, long nap – probably thanks to all the time we spent outside, but woke up and was quite sad about not nursing. After almost half an hour of crying (from both of us) I ended up turning on the TV. I was disappointed in myself, but knowing we’d spent the entire morning outside made it easier.

Bug was so excited to tell his Papa that the ducks are back. After dinner we decided to walk down and get some frozen yogurt and then feed the ducks. Once again, going outside saved us and made all of us feel better about the difficult time we had after nap (plus, walking 5 miles made the frozen yogurt that much more delicious).

It doesn’t matter what we do – just going outside whether it’s to play or walk is so helpful. We almost always see something interesting which sparks a conversation with Bug. Not everyday is this great, we don’t always have such a wonderful time outside (though we usually do). I’m just going to be grateful today and appreciate all the little moments we had.



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