Our New House Before (a.k.a. The Grossest House Ever)

Hello! Long time no see. My, how things have changed since I last regularly blogged. We have another kid AND a new house.

We’ve been daydreaming of a place away from town and with a little space for a while now and we were able to get an amazing deal on a property in a lovely location. The only problem? The manufactured home on sight was neglected and absolutely disgusting.

I’ll get to the before pics, but first I want to show you why we fell in love with the location. Top left is our “backyard, top right is our view from the front yard, bottom is our neighbor – a lovely winery!).

Alright. You ready? Let’s start with the outside!If this doesn’t look safe for two young kids, I don’t know what is! Haha.The previous owners were kind enough to leave us a giant trash heap….SO exciting! Who knows what mysteries it holds. One reason we bought the property was for the shop. My husband is very handy and can do almost any house project I can think up. He also loves to do woodworking which means the man needs a shop. It is in good shape with electric & water, but it’s a little rough around the edges. My favorite part about having a designated shop is that now I get to park my car IN THE GARAGE. It’s so luxurious, especially on those cold, rainy days of winter when I’m getting two kids loaded up.

Ready to see the inside? Please put on your gas mask (you’ll need it). This is honestly how I entered the house the first few weeks we owned it. Yes, I am dramatic, but the smell was so horrendous even my normally tolerant husband couldn’t handle it.

The kitchen. There was a dead mouse in the cupboard and a mysterious hole under the stove…yum!

My Favorite “feature: the above the stove they had a bathroom fan with a plastic dryer vent (held in place by a Rockstar can) in stead of an actual oven hood.

What is now our family room. I’m not sure what they were thinking, but the entire house was painted like this. I’m normally a fan of color, but this is a little insane.

The rest of the house was equally colorful and disgusting, but I’ll just let you use your imagination. So, how do you solve this problem? You have a GIANT dumpster delivered and you hire the lovely women of Dirty Girls, LLC. They were so reasonably priced and did a fantastic job.

Once the crew filled the dumpster (there was a lot of garbage, plus we had them rip out the old carpet & the new laminate flooring that the previous owners installed…and then let their dogs pee all over. I really don’t get people.) We took over to paint and install new flooring. The transformation is aaaaaamazing. I’ll share the “during” & after pics soon.

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