My first craft show

I took a bit of a break from blogging while I was getting ready for my first ever craft show. The show was this past Saturday and I thought I’d share some details.  I’ve had my Etsy shop since November and sort of spontaneously decided to try a craft show. I’m so glad I did!


Traffic was slow, but steady which was perfect for my first event. My mom came along to help and I’m so grateful she was there. Having someone to talk to during slow times and watch the table when I needed a break was a life saver. I made several sales and managed to actually make a small profit which was a total bonus. Most importantly, I made some great connections with other sellers and got some tips from them.

I can’t believe how many people complimented my displays. I’m feeling quite proud, especially since it was my first show. I used a disposable table skirt like this from Amazon and one of my giant table cloths to cover the table. It was simple, but looked very nice. Danny built my three biggest displays for me, I used a few display necks from Michael’s, and supplemented with sanded and finished tree slices. My mom lent me my great grandfather’s dresser mirror to use when people wanted to try stuff on and we filled the little drawer with candy. The display was finished it off with signs (printed on card stock and glued to small canvases) and some potted plants. The antique mirror and plants made it feel welcoming and unique. booth2



If you look up “craft show necessities” on Pinterest there are many, many helpful lists. I brought more than I needed, but it was helpful to have plenty of change, a card reader, bags (small ones for each piece and bigger ones for people who bought multiple items), business cards, a portable phone charger, zip ties, duct tape, and command hooks. Also water, snacks, lotion, and chapstick made me more comfortable.

What surprised me the most was that people seemed to prefer my beaded jewelry over my wood and felt pendants. Everyone remarked on how beautiful they are and I sold a few, but the plain beaded jewelry far outsold the other pieces. I never would have anticipated that. I’m happy to sell anything and I love making it all, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

One of the greatest aspects of the show was looking at other booths and talking to the other Etsy sellers. I’ve been to many craft fairs, but never with the eye of a vendor so that was fun. I made some connections, got tips, and even did some bartering! My four favorites sellers were:

Now that I’ve done one show I really want to do another one! I’m hoping to get a booth at a few of the other shows around.

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