Day In The Life – March 29, 2016

A while back I heard about Ali Edwards Day in the Life and I was intrigued. The basic idea is that you capture your entire day in pictures – your day doesn’t have to be anything special, it’s just about getting an average day. Now, I take a lot of pictures, I just do. I’ve always loved photography and the ease of digital cameras and smart phones means I’m constantly snapping pictures, but I liked this project because the goal was to capture the mundane and the special. Of course, you could do this any day, but the “official” day set by Ali was yesterday, March 29. I wrote it down in my calendar and forgot all about it. Sunday evening when I was looking at my planner and thinking about the week I saw it written down and was excited to participate.  I shared a bunch over on my Instagram yesterday, but here’s my whole day.


6:35 • Wake up and nursing snuggles. It’s not something I talk about much around here, but Bug nurses fairly regularly. We’re working on weaning so I’m making sure to really cherish these early morning snuggles. Who knows how long it will last? He only nurses a few minutes and then he’s up and moving at full speed.


DIL 21

7:00 • Bug and Papa play with play-doh while I get dressed, make beds, and make D’s lunch. They sure do love each other and these few minutes of playing before D has to go to work are so important to both of them.


7:59 • I’ve been seriously lazy recently so now that the weather is improving I give Bug his breakfast in the stroller and I walk. We chat about our day, look at birds, and enjoy the quiet.


8:14 • Bug scoops and pours rice while I get ready.

DIL 20

8:29 • Well, that didn’t last long. I went downstairs for a second and came back to find a giant mess. At least we the upstairs needed to be vacuumed anyway. We clean up and finish getting ready.


8:53 • Finally ready to go. Off to run errands and meet up with friends. Yes, my kiddo is pretending not to be a dog and has a stick.

DIL 22

9:15 • We send a bead to a friend for her Blessingway, go to Fred Meyer (thank goodness for car carts!), return a library book, and get a cup of coffee.


10:09 • He’s yelling “friends, where are you!?” I didn’t give us enough time for all our errands so we’re a few minutes late to play group at Deepwood Estates (luckily, most everyone else was too so we didn’t miss much). We catch up with everyone quickly and we’re both happy to see friends.


11:26 • Fishing in Mill Creek. So lucky to live in this beautiful place!


12:18 • We just got home and Bug gets a few minutes of tablet time so I can put groceries away, make lunch, and get everything back in order after a busy morning out. He went in Mill Creek so his shoes need to dry out.


1:27 • Nap time work – a little bit of everything – finishing touches on some pendants for my Etsy shop, pulling pictures off my camera, and a little blog planning. I have to work quickly while I can.

DIL 10

3:31 • When he wakes up the first time, I go in to snuggle him and we both sleep another 30-40 minutes. Today it was an hour and waking up is hard so I snuggle him while he gets out all his sadness and frustration. He just asked to go downstairs and have a snack so that’s what we’ll do.


3:49 • Snack time is at the kitchen counter today. He wanted fruit, some peanut butter on a spoon, and bread with jelly. I made a smoothie and he took some of that too. Being a mother has made me more patient and more willing to share my food.

DIL 11

4:13 • We’re outside to play and enjoy the sun. I knit while Bug runs around and does his thing. I only get a couple rows done before Bug remembers the little kite he got for Easter so we go find it.

DIL 12

4:30 • “There’s mine Papa!” D is home from work. We enjoy some time outside as a family – flying the mini kite and looking at bugs.

DIL 14

4:51 • D and Bug stay outside while I go inside to make dinner. I don’t really want to cook so I make pasta with Newman’s Own sauce and meatballs from Trader Joe’s and a big salad. While the water boils for pasta I make salads, start a load of laundry, and tidy up. Once the pasta is cooking I head up to my computer to do a few minutes of work.

DIL 15

5:36 • We sit down to dinner and talk about our day. Sitting around the table for dinner is something both of us grew up with and it’s becoming such an important part of the day for our family. Bug loves to ask us about our day, he says, “So, Papa, how your day?” and it’s the cutest thing ever.

DIL 17

6:01 • We’re done with dinner and D takes Bug on a walk around the block (with his umbrella even though today is the nicest day we’ve had since last fall!) and I clean up dishes. I manage to squeeze in a little work and change the laundry too.


7:24 • I’m reading on my phone while Bug falls asleep. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half and it’s the only time I get reading in. Tonight I don’t get much reading done because my little buddy is whispering, “Mama, love you too” and asking for “nuggles” (snuggles) and I won’t say no to snuggling my little boy.

DIL 16

8:01 • After Bug is asleep D and I enjoy ice cream and an episode of Bones on Netflix. I should fold laundry, but I don’t and D rubs my feet because he’s the best.

DIL 19

9:26 • While D showers I’m working on a few things (including this post). I check my UP app to see how I did today – not bad! 13,031 steps/5.7miles. I always feel so much better on the days I get in some extra steps. That’s it. I’m off to bed after this.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into an average day in our lives. It was surprisingly fun to participate! I found myself capturing moments I otherwise might have glossed right over and thinking about the flow of our day. I can’t wait to incorporate this into my album for the year. The only thing I wished I’d done differently was ask D to take a picture at work so I could include more of his day and I should have taken pictures of little things like Bug brushing his own teeth. Oh well, maybe next time I will!

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