Listening…to the Serial podcast and Thumbprint radio on Pandora. My husband recently clued me into Thumprint radio – it’s all the songs I’ve liked on Pandora and it is fun!

Reading Killing Floor by Lee Child (I actually just finished, but now I’m hooked on the series!) My dad loved the Jack Reacher series and I’m sad it took me two years after his death to pick it up – it’s good!

Knitting the Be Simple shawl. I have a habit of buying sock yarn – the colors and variations are so stunning I can’t help myself, but I hate knitting socks. So, shawls it is! They’re usually fairly quick, pretty, and one skein of sock yarn will make a decent sized shawl/scarf. I finally finished the sweater I started three weeks before Bug was born and I’m really disappointed with it. I’m going to try wearing it a few times, but so far it fits me strangely and I don’t like it.


Walking a lot! We just finished the April Hike It Baby challenge and we totaled 49 miles and 63 hours outside. I’m so proud of us! Bug did a lot of those miles on his own – it’s pretty impressive how far he can walk at once without getting tired.

Enjoying spring. We’ve been enjoying some sunny weather and lots of outside time. We’ve been able to play outside after dinner some nights. We have our “new” fire pit fixed up and ready to go, patio furniture out, and some new plants in the ground. I’m so excited about the warmer weather. Which leads me too…


Dreaming about summer and travel and camping. I can’t wait for warm weather, not that the Willamette Valley is ever super cold, but still I’m ready for sun and shorts! I have about a billion places I want to go camping. We just got a used R-Pod (it’s a little camper) and took it out for the first time last weekend. I’m SO excited to use it. I love tent camping, but having a place to get out of the elements means we’ll go camping a lot more. Also, we’re going to Alaska soon (eeek! I’m so excited!) so I’ve been having fun planning and figuring out all we can see.

camp Collage

Grateful for our parents. Having my mom live near is fantastic! It’s great to be able to stop by and hang out or leave Bug with her for a bit while I run a not toddler friendly errand. We don’t see D’s parents as much since they live far away, but when they do come they’re so helpful. A few weekends ago they came over for a visit and we wrangled them into helping us with our porch 🙂 D and his dad got all the holes dug and concrete poured for the supports. After lots of dreaming and planning, we’re finally making progress and it makes me so excited!


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