20 Week Update

This poor little blog of mine. It’s sadly neglected! But for good reason…this pregnancy is flying by and I’m busy spending LOTS of time with my little Bug. It’s bittersweet knowing his time as an only child is coming to a close soon, but as the youngest of 6 I’m excited for him to have a sibling. Also, I’ve been sleeping, working in the garden, and putting a lot of time into my Etsy shop.


Like I said, this pregnancy is going SO quickly. I’m 20 weeks! 20 weeks? It seems hard to believe, but I’m almost halfway through.

20 weeks

Boy or Girl?

We had our 20 week ultrasound last week. Baby #2 looks healthy which is good news. We also found out that it’s a girl! I LOVE having a little boy, but am so excited to have a little girl too! To be honest, despite the fatigue, morning sickness, and growing belly I sometimes “forgot” I was pregnant. I don’t really forget, but unlike my first pregnancy I don’t dedicate that much time thinking about it. Now that I’ve seen her, it seems so much more real.

Baby Girl


I’m starting to feel some movement, but not my enough for Papa or big brother to feel. I have a decent amount of energy and have been walking regularly. Things are generally pretty good. I’m getting more and more excited and anxious about having two kids! I miss sleeping comfortably and have some bad pain in my back/hips (happened the first time around too), but regular chiropractor appointments and exercise keeps it manageable so I can’t complain.

Food cravings or aversions…

Not much really, which is sort of nice since I had all sorts of cravings with Bug. There’s only so many bacon cheeseburgers a person can reasonably eat! Thankfully, I’m also not having many aversions so I’m trying to just eat normally and make healthy choices.

Big brother…

Bug seems really excited and talks about his baby sister a lot. He came to the ultrasound with us and has been to a couple appointments with the midwife. We’re trying to really involve him in the whole process and since he refers to the baby as his baby so I guess it’s working! 


We have a short list of things we need to get (new car seat, this amazing rain poncho so I can wear little baby and take Bug outside, a video baby monitor, some other misc. items), but thankfully my sister is sending a boat load of clothes for this one and we have most everything else left over from Bug. We put in a wire closet organizing system in Bugs room (they’re going to share a room) so that we can have a little more space and make room for the crib (which really makes me laugh because we co-sleep and hardly used it with Bug). The only really big thing I’d like to do is take Bug on a special trip before #2 comes. No where far, just something fun and special. I realize he probably won’t remember life without a little sister, but it’s important to me to make these last few months of just the three of us extra special.


Wouldn’t you like to know! Just kidding! We haven’t really discussed them yet. We were waiting until the anatomy scan and now that we know baby is a girl we’ll start making a list. With Bug we narrowed it down to two and waited until we met him to decide which is probably what we’ll do this time too.

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